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Holding Negligent Parties Responsible for Injuries and Fatalities

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are entrusted with the care of some of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. If your parent or other loved one has been injured or even died due to negligence at one of these facilities, it may be possible to hold them legally accountable.

At the law firm of Carman & Bevington in Brandon, we help Tampa Bay-area families pursue claims for assisted living facility and nursing home negligence.

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Attorneys Standing Up for Patients’ Legal Rights

Under the Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights, nursing homes and most types of assisted living facilities have a set of specific statutory responsibilities toward their patients. They also have basic duties of care under traditional personal injury and negligence law.

The consequences of elder abuse and neglect by nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be extremely serious. Our lawyers handle cases involving any of the following:

  • Bed sores: When nursing home staff fail to move patients regularly, they can develop bed sores, which can lead to serious and sometimes fatal infections if they are not treated promptly.
  • Failure of emergency response systems: If a nursing home offers emergency response services, its staff need to respond quickly to pull cords and call buttons.
  • Failure to restrain or secure patients: When patients are unable to move about safely, they need to be provided with adequate restraints to prevent serious injuries.
  • Inadequate nutrition: Nursing homes are responsible not only for providing nutrition but also, in some cases, for making sure patients actually eat and drink enough.

If your parent or another loved one has been abused or neglected at a nursing home or assisted living facility (ALF), our attorneys are prepared to help you hold the responsible parties accountable and pursue fair compensation.

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